Wild turkeys – presumably not cold

Remember how I said that the last time I changed my eating habits, I went cold turkey on sugar and white flour?

That’s what I was planning this time around, too.

Of course, my timing sucks, what with my anniversary and Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s coming up.

But the crazy thing is that those occasions really aren’t that hard because there’s always OTHER things that you can eat during those occasions if you want to.

You wanna know what’s really hard? Parties at other people’s houses.

We were invited to a party at a friend’s house this weekend. It was an early afternoon party that ran through dinnertime. The hosts made unbelievably delicious homemade pizzas and they also had cupcakes and caramel popcorn. Other than some almonds, there was not a single thing there that fit into my newly adopted healthy lifestyle.

Now, I could have just skipped the food altogether. But we’ve already established that I’m not the nicest of people when I get hungry and frankly, parties that end in bloodbaths caused by crazed hungry women are never fun.

Or I could have followed the advice of the “experts” and brought my own healthy stuff with me. “Hey, nice people who invited me over, I know you went to all this trouble but could you just grill up this tofu for me instead?”

Yeah, sorry. Not gonna happen because, well, it just seems ridiculously rude to me. I was taught that if you’re a guest in someone else’s house, you eat what they serve. If they want to plate up a big ol’ steaming bowl of deep fried eel brains and monkey livers with chocolate sauce on top, you just figure out a way to choke it down. Okay, sure…if you have a medical condition that will send you into a seizure if eel brains cross your lips, go ahead and do the bring-you-own-bag-o’-salad thang.  Otherwise, respect your host and just eat what they make.

Because the truth is, one afternoon or one day isn’t how you got where you are now. And one afternoon or one day isn’t going to send you back to where you were. And being respectful and considerate of others who are extending a kindness to you is far more important than what the scale might say.

Just make sure your round up those turkeys and climb back on the wagon the next day.


This week’s goal: Work out five days

Today’s workout: Cathe Friedrich’s Gym Style Back & Triceps (45 minutes)